Ana Sayfa
Reading Group Meetings in Spring, 2016

HUMAN Research Centre vice-directors Safinaz Büyükgüzel and Ufuk Balaman will lead the organisation of 6 reading group meetings this semester. The first meeting of the semester will start with a classic; Sacks et. al's (1974) turn-taking paper and continue with meetings on institutional talk (Heritage, 1997), epistemics in interaction (Heritage, 2012a, b), interactional competence (Pekarek Doehler & Pochon-Berger, 2015); participation (Goodwin, 2007), and multimodality (Mondada, 2007). The access information to the papers will be provided via e-mail (Google e-mail group) prior to the meetings. Make sure that you are subscribed to e-mail group if you are interested.

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